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With over 30 years of experience with Apple Macintosh systems, we are eager to help you get the most out of your Macintosh and IOS systems. Even though Macintoshs are very intuitive and easy to use, you can still benefit from our extensive Apple experience to minimize your system integration time so you can begin your computing adventures! Located in the Fort Worth, TX, area, we are ready to provide on-site support for your computer assistance.

Our staff has an extensive background in Macintosh hardware, software and networking. We can help set up, upgrade or optimise your wireless network for you. We can transfer your existing files from your Mac or PC to your new Macintosh. We can also upgrade your hard drive systems to provide more disk space or replace an inoperative disk drive. With our extensive background with Macintosh software (i.e. Adobe Photoshop, Apple iWork, Microsoft Office and many others), we can provide you private classes to help you learn these programs.

Call us at (940) 550-2019 or send us an e-mail (RAOlds@me.com) today to set up an appointment. Tell us what you would like us to do for you and we will provide you with a no-charge estimate! We can also design, create and host web sites for you. We can provide consulting services for clients with large and small businesses to help you repair or upgrade your Apple systems.


Apple Macintosh Operating Systems

  • Mac OS (v10.10) Yosemite
  • Mac OS (v10.9) Mavericks
  • Mac OS (v10.8) Mountain Lion
  • Mac OS (v10.7) Lion
  • Mac OS (v10.6) Snow Leopard
  • Mac OS (v10.5) Leopard
  • Mac OS (v10.4) Tiger

Apple Network Hardware

  • Time Capsules
  • Airport Extreme Wireless Routers
  • Airport Express Wireless Routers

Non-Apple Products

  • CISCO Routers/Network Hardware
  • External Hard Drives
  • External CD/DVD Drives
  • Linksys Network Hardware


Adobe Products

  • Photoshop

Apple Products

  • FileMaker Pro
  • iDVD
  • iMovie
  • iPhoto
  • iWeb
  • Apple Remote Desktop
  • Time Machine (Backup software on every Mac)

Microsoft Products

  • Office for Mac

Web Site Creation, Support or Updates

  • Let us help you with your company's
    web site requirements.

Note: Texas is a great big state. So, we start charging you when we leave our office. When we leave your site, we pay for the return trip back to our office.

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